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Mint - The Smart Way to Monitor Your Oral Health

$ 99.99

Mint, enables you to easily monitor the status of your oral health in a simple, connected experience, and improve your oral hygiene habits*. This matters because research has shown that people with poor oral hygiene may be at a greater risk of developing serious diseases than those with good oral hygiene

  • Confirm Cleaning Effectiveness: Get immediate feedback on the state of your oral and breath health
  • Personalized Experience: Mint tailors guidance to help you make better cleaning and eating choices
  • Your Oral Report Card: The Mint App tracks your progress towards your goals, visualizing how changes in your routine affect your oral health. 

The package includes: One (1) Mint device, one (1) mouthpiece for Mint, and one (1) USB Mini charging cable. 

*When used properly, the Mint device measures VSC’s, which are correlated to gum disease, bad breath, and the concentration of anaerobic bacteria in the mouth; three symptoms of poor oral health.

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